Bug tracking so simple, it’s like sticky-notes for your website. BugHerd Plus is an optional Screenshot extension for use with BugHerd’s own embed code. This extension, when enable will send screenshots of your current . BugHerd is a new, modern and sleek bug tracker designed specifically to help web designers and developers to visually describe the bug(s) in a . The Bugherd Dashboard provides a client facing interface within WordPress to track the progress of… Brandon Lavigne 80+ actieve installaties Getest met . Capture feedback, log issues and create actionable tasks in seconds. BugHerd is an issue tracking system built for designers and web developers.

This module allows you to quickly and easily add BugHerd to your . So there’s been a lot of discussion here at the BugHerd office about where exactly that line is between personal opinion and representative for the company . BugHerd – A visual bug tracker that works like sticky-notes on a website to capture client. Ever wish you could just automatically move data from BugHerd and dump it into iPhone (or the other way around?). Well, with Zapier, that’s exactly what you . Somedays, you just just need BugHerd and Trello to work together, but the native.

BugHerd helps you capture feedback, resolve issues, and manage web . Contribute to bugherd development by creating an account on GitHub. BugHerd helps web development teams save time and money managing issue reporting, quality assurance and client feedback processes.

Segment is the analytics API you’ve always wanted. It’s the easiest way to install all of your favorite analytics tools at once! BugHerd integration for SupportBee. Find and use great apps and simplify your customer support workflow. Check out Raygun’s integration with BugHerd to better manage your error tracking with clients.

Learn how to set up Raygun with BugHerd and . Bugherd’s feedback widget into the Craft CMS sites and control panel. It’s an app to make finding and logging bugs simple. BugHerd enables both external and internal stakeholders to quickly and easily log visual . Turn client feedback into actionable tasks.

Your clients report issues by making annotations right from the site being worked on. BugHerd turns these into full bug . Read top reviews and get the latest information about BugHerd’s Macropod Software in our Bug Tracking directory. BugHerd is a visual bug tracking and project management app built for web developers and designers. It lets you report issues directly on a website with. BugHerd is a website annotation tool at its core.

Bugs, suggestions, and feature requests can be recorded by simply clicking the offending element on your . I need a solution where I can put a botton in my front end and giving. Hi, I’m co-founder and CEO at TrackDuck – Visual feedback for web design and . BugHerd is a web-based issue tracking and project management software solution for web developers and designers. The solution helps convert client . In the crowded world of issue tracking and project management software, Melbourne-based Bugherd has one unique advantage: it was built by both developers . See which sites BugHerd was found on and learn what BugHerd is doing with your data.